Democracy in Poland is threatened. Actions of the government, its disregard for the law and democratic custom, force us to express determined opposition. We do not want Poland to be totalitarian, closed for the ones who think differently than the government orders. We do not want Poland to be full of frustration and desire for revenge. We want Poland to be the place for all Poles, equal before the law, regardless of their beliefs, views, ethics and aesthetics. We do not agree on the appropriation of the state, which divides Poles into better or worse, contempt for the "others". We also do not agree to any detrimental ideas which are targeting principles of democracy and human rights.

We are determined to talk openly and decisively, with full voice, about decency, law and mutual respect. We are determined to express our views not only at home or on the Internet but also on the streets of our cities and villages, and if there is a need gathering there to express our opinions and demands.

We welcome all for whom democratic values are important to cooperate, regardless of their political views and religion. We do not agree on violation of the Constitution and the introduction of authoritarian rule by abusing the mechanisms of democracy. We have among us people of different views and political orientations - from right to left - believers and non-believers. What unites us is that we are free and we would like to continue to live in our own democratic country where nobody would dictate us how to live or what principles to believe in.