All 4 Freedom weekend 04-05.06.2016 with KOD

All for freedom events in Poland
  1. Bielsko-Biała – 04.06, family picnic, 4 pm, Chrobry Square
  2. Bydgoszcz – 04.06, family picnic, Forest Park of Culture and Relaxation, 2pm-7pm + contest for the longest drawing of “Train to Democracy”
  3. Częstochowa – 04.06, Czesław Niemen Promenade, 2pm-6pm, music concerts, games for kids, fitness showtime
  4. Gdańsk – 04.06, Reagan Park, 2pm-6pm, picnic “All For Freedom”
  5. Kędzierzyn-Koźle – 03.06.2016 (Friday), 8pm, pub: „Pod lwami” – “Concert for freedom” (concert of songs about freedom)
  6. Kielce – 04.06, March from Freedom Square to Artists Square, then family picnic, 3pm-5pm
  7. Koszalin – o4.06, March from J. Piłsudski Monument to the Old Town Market, then “Picnic for freedom”, 3pm-5pm, then at 8pm, in “Kawałek podłogi” music club an exclusive concert by Klaudia Jachira + after party
  8. Kraków – 04.06, “March for Freedom”, from Main Market to Wolnica Square, start: 3pm
  9. Legnica – 04.06, Market Place “Let’s choose the freedom” demonstration, start: 3pm
  10. Leszno – 04.06, Market Place, “Freedom for All – All for Freedom”- family picnic with games and contests for kids, start: 3pm
  11. Łódź – 04.06, Picnic for Freedom and music concert in Poniatowski Park: Skiba, Amourette, Solution, Biba + other attractions, games and contests for kids, 12pm-5pm
  12. Mikołów – 04.06, KOD Tent at Market Place, 9am-1pm, games for kids + info about KOD Śląskie & KOD Mikołów activities
  13. Opole – 04.06, Weekend of Freedom with white-red butterfly as a symbol: – 2:30-3pm, Market Place, Toast for Freedom + KOD flags, stickers, badges and Polish Constitution giveaway – 3pm-4pm, democratic event – march of personified democracy from Market Place to Amphitheater (to remind people that democracy and freedom aren’t forever and should not be taken for granted) – 4:30pm-8:30pm KOD will appear at famous music festival in Opole (organised by TVP): KFPP OPOLE 2016 – 2pm-8pm Młynówka canal – route: yellow bridge – flodgate next to the Cathedral – an ongoing event “A message-boat for the government (freedom, equality, democracy)”. – 10pm-12am – a light (of hope) event at Market Place
  14. Oświęcim – 04.06, “Freedom I love and understand” demonstration, Peace Square, start: 4pm
  15. Rzeszów – 04.06, Scene at Embankments, picnic “Freedom of speech and guitar” including a music concert: Milena Machowicz, PIGS, ODDZIAŁ ZAMKNIĘTY, Małgorzata Boć and a meeting with a priest Wojciech Lemański, 2pm-5pm
  16. Szczecin – 04.06, Freedom parade from Solidarity Square to Jasne Błonia, 3pm-5pm
  17. Warszawa (Warsaw) – 04.06, “All For Freedom” march (including 3 former Polish Presidents: Lech Wałęsa, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Bronisław Komorowski) from the Bank Square to the Constitution Square, 4pm-6:30pm, then city concert in the evening – 7:30pm
  18. Toruń, Innowrocław, Włocławek – 05.06, KOD Tents promoting freedom, democracy and rule of law + contest for the longest drawing of “Train to Democracy” (in polish, it is a game of words that in English would mean something like desire for democracy/attraction to democracy) + community breakfast at the Old Town Market in Toruń
  19. Zielona Góra – 04.06, family pinic next to Bachus Monument, 12pm-6pm+ March for Freedom at 4pm from 3 Labourers Monument to Old Town Market
  20. Człuchów – 04.06, “All for Freedom – a short story of democracy in Poland 89’-16’” exhibition, Place Market, 11am-1pm
  21. Poznań – 05.06, open lecture by Flying University of Democracy, Delta Office center, 4th floor, start: 6pm
  22. Radom – 04.06, March for Freedom, start: 12pm, Kochanowski Monument
  23. Starachowice – 04.06, Toast for Freedom, Alter Ego Cafe
  24. Puszczykowo – 05.06, family picnic, Forest Training Center, 3pm-7pm
  25. Zgierz – 04.06, Sweet Celebration of Freedom, city park, start: 5pm, KOD leaflets, KOD news papers and KOD fudges giveaway
  26. Wrocław – 05.06, Citizens’ Picnic, Biskupinski Park’s surroudings, start: 12:00pm, contests and games for everyone, zumba & samba trainings, artistic & music shows, sport & drawing activities, grill, democratic discussions & contests
  27. Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski – 04.06, Celebration of Freedom, Market Place, start: 4:30pm; 06.06, meeting with first Solidarność member Zbigniew Janas, MCK Photo Gallery, start: 4pm
  28. Zakopane – 04.06, Freedom Walk from Zamoyski Monument to City Hall, then family picnic in CAFE PIANO, start: 2pm
All For Freedom events outside Poland
  1. Ottawa, Canada – 04.06, demonstration in front of the Polish Embassy + 06.06 – Day of Gratitude for prof. A Rzepliński, President of Constitutional Court in Poland
  2. Vancouver, Canada – 04.06, democratic picnic, Holland Park, + 06.06 – Day of Gratitude for prof. A Rzepliński, President of Constitutional Court in Poland
  3. Toronto, Canada – 04.06, “All for Freedom” demonstration in front of the Polish Consulate, 12pm
  4. Chicago, USA – 05.06, “Picnic for Freedom”, Catherine Chevalier Park, 1pm-7pm, family picnic with music, food and games for kids
  5. New York, USA – 04.06, “Day of Freedom” march from Manhattan Ave/Greenpoint Ave crossroads to McCarren Park, then a family picnic, start: 12pm
  6. Washington DC, USA – 05.06, family picnic in Cabin John Regional Park, Potomac MD, start: 12pm
  7. Denver, USA – 04.06, family picnic, Sloan’s Lake Park, (east side) in Highlands, start: 12pm
  8. Boynton Beach,FL,USA – 04.06, family picnic, Village Royal on the Green, Boynton Beach,Fl 33435, start: 5pm
  9. Los Angeles, USA – 04.06, family pinic, MacArthur Park, start: 2pm
  10. Sacramento, USA – 04.06, family picnic, Royer Park 130 Park Dr Roseville, CA 95678, start: 12:00pm
  11. Seattle, USA – 04.06, family picnic, Gas Works Park, start: 12:00pm (bring your cowboy hats with you, if you have some, to pay a memorial to the poster of the first, partly free polish election in 1989) 
  12. San Francisco, USA – 05.06, family picnic, Fort Baker, start: 12pm
  13. Brussels, Belgium – 04.06, Picnic: “Belgium for Freedom”, Parc du Cinquantenaire, start: 2pm
  14. Lisbon, Portugal – 04.06, KOD leaflets giveaway (in the most tourist-popular area); demonstration in front of Polish Embassy; handing over the recommendations of Venice Commission to “Tribunal Constitucional”, 12pm-3pm
  15. Oslo, Norway- 05.06, demonstration in front of the Parliament (Stortinget), start: 2pm
  16. Copenhagen, Denmark – 04.06, demonstration in front of the Polish Embassy, 12pm
  17. Heidelberg, Germany – 04.06, picnic of Freedom, Democracy and Friendship, Heidelberg, Neckarwiese, start: 4pm
  18. Berlin, Germany – 04.06, democratic event “All for Freedom”, Unter den Linden (in front of the former Polish Embassy), start: 4pm, memories from 1989 and a discussion about Poland’s future
  19. London, UK – 04.06, democratic event (demonstration) in front of the Polish Embassy, start: 3pm, speeches of KOD leaders in the UK and their guests
  20. Dublin, Ireland – 04.06, family picnic “All for Freedom”, Phoenix Park/Wellington Monument, 3pm-5pm
  21. Vienna, Austria – 04.06, “All for Freedom” demonstration + march from Stephansplatz to Heldenplatz, 1pm-2pm, then family picnic 2:30pm-4pm
  22. Paris, France – 04.06, “All for Freedom” demonstration, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 2pm-6pm
  23. Phoenix, USA – 04.06, family picnic, Papago Park, start: 4pm
  24. Dallas, USA – 05.06, meeting in the restaurant “Taste of Poland”, start: 1:30pm

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