4th June – March for the Day of Freedom

Communism in Poland ended on the 4th of June 1989.

We thought it would be forever.

We thought it could only be better, wiser, wealthier, safer.

We were wrong. National socialism in PiS’s version is taking over Poland under our eyes, it ruins the rule of law and keeps breaking the Constitution.

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, when making the toast to freedom on the Constitution Place, remembered the day of the elections in 1989: “Since 1917, the communist fraction had never lost through a ballot paper, so we were not quite sure how they’d react to their defeat and we were a bit afraid. This is why this day was a day of joy as well as sorrow. We were missing a great fete, but now we can make up for this.

” We want to celebrate these elections and this success on the 4th of June. We want to remember the values which were and still are close and important to us and which today, we see as threatened.

We start the march in Warsaw at 17:00 hrs from the address of the Constitutional Tribunal at al. Szucha, from where we will march to the Constitution Place to take part in the traditional Toast at 19:00 hrs at Niespodzianka.

Let’s celebrate together. Be with KOD Mazowsze and democratic Poland in the March for the Day of Freedom!

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