6th of May – We Are And We Will Be Part of Europe

On 6 May numerous political parties, NGOs, civil movements and associations and, most importantly, ordinary Polish men and women took part in the March for Freedom, which took place in Warsaw. It was organised by the Civic Platform in partnership with Committee for the Defense of Democracy.

Why did we march? A year ago we took to streets of the capital in the biggest demonstration in the Polish modern history after the year 1989. The march was called We Are And We Will Be Part of Europe. There were over 200 thousand protesters present. They marched because they were outraged by the way the ruling party was exercising its authority, and concerned with the direction Poland was taking under the Law and Justice (PiS) party’s ruling. Unfortunately, the slogans that read on the placards then haven’t become obsolete. On the contrary, the PiS government has tightened its eurosceptic rhetorics, ridicules and keeps undermining Poland’s position in our European family.

We wanted the March for Freedom to demonstrate how attached to the European values the Polish people are. We wanted it to be a warning to PiS and all the people with its ruling mandates, for they should know they do not represent the majority of the country but only its deceived minority. We gave them a warning that we do not permit the further violating of the Constitution and destroying the democracy. And we do not agree for Poland to be taken out of the European Union. Poles consider themselves European, and being European equals the rule of law. To cherish the European values means to cherish the state of law, free local authorities, the independent courts, support for the non-governmental organizations that are vital to every civilised country, it is to cherish the depoliticised and secular education, independent and free scientific research, strong and professional army that serves all, not just the ruling party.

March for Freedom was supported by the network of local councils, the National Union of Teachers, and numerous non-governmental organisations. Some of the most well-established artists, scientists, lawyers and independent journalists also spoke in favour of the March.

Thank you all who joined us on the 6th of May in Warsaw. We have showed our enemies how unified, strong and determined we are!


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