Citizen’ appeal to the Parliamentary Opposition.

Yesterday you threw away legislative initiative signed by 400,000 citizens, now it’s time to fix this mistake, this is an appeal in which we call you to action!

Article 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland provides that the supreme power in the Republic of Poland belongs to the Nation, which constitutes all citizens of the Republic. The Nation exercises power through its representatives or DIRECTLY. MPs are our representatives who should ensure that the public’s voice is heard in Parliament. The Constitution also grants us Citizens the right of legislative initiative, which we can use when we gather at least 100,000 supporting signatures.

Yesterday evening, with a great hope we did wait for the first hearing of the civic project “Let’s Save Women”, our friends representing the committee of the civic legislative initiative appeared in Parliament. They hoped that they would be able to present their reasons and then take part in the discussion on specific solutions.

However, you have failed a civil society that, believing in your promises, has appeared in the temple of democracy, which should be the Sejm, to present its reasons and discuss real problems of Polish women and Poles. You forgot that the essence of democracy is a discussion and substantive dispute, which results in good solutions for all of us.

Those representatives did not come to you alone, but with the support of 400,000 Citizens and Citizens who said yes to the changes under which they signed. It was your duty not only to hear, but also to examine these proposals. Meanwhile, you threw away the hard work of hundreds of volunteers who every day, regardless of the weather, went out to the street to talk and collect signatures under this civic project.

Today, lament and fines are not enough. You need to find a real solution.

That is why we appeal to you:

Submit a bill for the “Civic Committee of Legislative Initiative Let’s Save Women” to the Parliament’s Chairman. As MPs you have the tools that you must use today. You should find a way to push the project through to the proper parliamentary committee. This is how democracy works and you should do it out of respect for those who have chosen you for your functions. We look forward to see your responsibility, to see concrete and real steps taken in this matter.

At our civic protests, you spoke so beautifully and with great words about democracy and civic rights, right now you have a chance to express this in action.

Committee for the Defense of Democracy

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