Demands of KOD

Out of concern for our homeland, outraged by violation of fundamental human rights, lack of respect for the law and the continued destruction of the principle of the separation of powers, in the belief that the Republic of Poland is a common good of all its citizens and The Constitution – the supreme legislation; we, the members and supporters of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) demand:

  1. Discontinuation of all actions leading to Poland’s isolation in the international arena

  2. The observation of  the European Union laws and compliance with all decisions made by the authorities of the EU arising from these laws.

  3. Publishing of all Constitutional Tribunal’s verdicts. Accepting the oaths of the 3 lawfully elected judges, the removal from office of the illegally appointed judges. Conducting the correct election of the new Chairperson of the Tribunal.

  4. Abiding by The Constitution of The Republic of Poland and in particular, the Chapter 10 on the regulations concerning changes to The Constitution. No changes can be made through common laws.

  5. Respect of civil rights and liberties, especially right to privacy

  6. Amendment of the current Chief Prosecutor’s Office Act – which implies political submissiveness

  7. Exclusion from the Criminal Code of the clause allowing for admission of illegally obtained evidence

  8. Amendment to the Law on Common Courts to ensure the law complies with the Constitution

  9. Preservation of autonomy of the National Council of the Judiciary and of the High Court

  10. Abolition of all discrimination in public life

  11. Public media’s independence from political influence and termination of all attacks on private and independent media as well as abolition of censorship

  12. Discontinuation of all attempts of ideological indoctrination in schools

  13. Revocation of the restrictions in the Right to Assembly Act imposed by the present government

  14. Eradication of all actions and calls inciting neo fascist organisations and criminals to commit violence against political opposition

  15. De-legalisation of all neo fascist organisations

  16. Reinstatement of the independent civil service and verification of suitability of all persons appointed to hold seats on the boards of state owned companies

  17. Change in the current rule on arable land to return full ownership rights to all farmers

  18. End of aggressive and devastating forests management by State Forest Agency in all forests – not only in Bialowieza Forest

  19. End of the process to pervert the true Polish history in schools and public media

  20. To put on trial in the independent court of law all members of the present government  who committed crimes  during their term in office

  21. Public consultations on the matters important for citizens and society, particularly education reform


Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) invariably and from the start has fought for implementation of these demands. We fear that we may have to broaden the above list and this is why we call upon all organisations to sign with us, under these demands.


The Board of KOD

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