Demonstration in front of Constitutional Tribunal building on June 20th

Let’s all meet outside the Constitutional Tribunal on 20 June!

Not long ago the verdicts delivered by the Constitutional Tribunal were considered as irrelevant opinions declared by ‘a group of pals’ while sat around a table ‘having coffee and cakes’ by the Law and Justice party (PiS). Neither the prime minister nor the government felt bound by the verdicts, refusing to publish them despite required to do so by law. We, the Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) keep reminding them everyday outside the Prime Minister’s office. What is worse, the parliament dominated by PiS replaced the legally elected constitutional judges at the Tribunal with wannabes and only the verdicts of those wannabes can be respected according to PiS.

On 20 June a panel comprising of five Constitutional Tribunal judges, partly consisting of the wannabes and not legally elected constitutional judges will meet to have coffee and cakes. They have no right to declare legally binding verdicts and yet they will make a judgement on the new legislation regarding the National Council of the Judiciary in Poland. This will be a pretend verdict ending a pretend case but the PiS government will consider it binding.

In this case, the Executive Board of KOD invites all Polish citizens to have coffee and cakes outside the Constitutional Tribunal. We will meet at 12:15 to jointly listen to the pretend verdict closing the pretend case. The meeting will be a great opportunity to remind PiS that the current Chair of the Constitutional Tribunal and the judges elected by PiS are not the legally elected damaging the rule of law in Poland.

Executive Board of KOD

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