Elections in KOD

The very first, general election of Members of the Executive Board of KOD took place on 28th of May 2017 in Toruń.

Krzysztof Łoziński, who has initiated the idea of KOD in the article published on 18th of November 2015 in Studio Opinii, was elected the new leader of the movement (Delegates votes: 130 for, 28 against, 7 abstentions). His only opponent, Mateusz Kijowski, the former face of KOD, withdrew from the candidate list due to a disagreement over the content of the submitted Executive Board report.

The full list of the newly elected Executive Board Members: Natalia Tarmas, Małgorzata Lech-Krawczyk, Dominika Jaźwiecka, Ciesielski Robert, Maciej Jan Broniarz, Aleksandra Solecka, Magdalena Filiks, Dariusz Nocek, Bartosz Sierpniowski, Jarek Marciniak.

The elections to the regional structures of the 16 Voivodeships of Poland took place earlier this year. The national elections completed the democratic process of the civic movement consolidation. The governing bodies, Peer Court and Revision Committee has been chosen for the 3 years term.

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