Fourth “Monthiversary” MATEUSZ KIJOWSKI·20 MARCA 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,
Today is the fourth „monthiversary” of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy. Since then we have organised several central events of considerable range, several serious regional events, and thousands of local events, which are critical for local communities. KOD has undoubtedly inscribed itself in the Polish political landscape. No one can ignore our existence.
What testifies to the value of KOD is the existence of fakes and struggles within the faction. At the the beginning we were attacked by trolls in the service of Moscow. For some time we have been attacked by our alleged friends. As stated in the old maxim: “Lord, save me from my friends, enemies i can handle on my own.” And recently they are resorting to overt lies. Insinuations and slander are not enough.
Polish people do not like success. It sickens and annoys them. Some Poles are just like that. Most people are willing to cooperate. They want to achieve something, change something and create something. But those who are driven by frustration and envy are visible. They need to publicly express their imaginary grievances and failed ambitions. And they will express them like they have some value, or aimed at something great. And what great can come from frustration or envy?
People that belong to KOD are positive. They value freedom, want to defend democracy, they respect people and their rights. They don’t believe in lies and they don’t allow themselves to be pressured by small people. Four months of work has resulted in numerous successes. It’s hard to list all of them. Local and grassroots initiatives are the basis of KOD. People, who have ideas and know how to realise them. Those, who complain, resent, weave and incite usually don’t have their own ideas. Or their ideas are so eccentric, that they’re not supported even by their closest ones, not to mention KOD activists. And yet they hold a grudge…
We can defend democracy, if we work as a group, together, wide and in mass. Only cooperation builds and enforces. If we work together, we can do everything. By dividing ourselves we strengthen those,who want to destroy democracy and take away our freedom.
Despite all these difficulties KOD is growing stronger, becoming more popular and more powerful. No one pretends that we don’t exist. Polish politicians, politicians abroad, international media, diplomats, publicists, commentators and scientists. Everyone can see the Committee for the Defence of Democracy and they either want to cooperate or fight it. After just four months. This is thanks to your contribution. No one can take that success away from you. We will not be lied to, provoked or deceived. We know, that we can defend the law only by respecting it. We know, that we can demand non-violent treatment only by rejecting the violence. We know, that we can achieve our goal only by acting with wisdom and caution. That’s how we’ve been functioning for four months and that’s how we’ll continue to function.
Thank you, KOD activists!

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