Harvard University – the oldest university in the United States and the first visited by KOD

Dear Sir or Madam
After a very busy day we got up at dawn and went to Boston to attend a meeting in the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. We were invited by the famous professor Grzegorz Ekiert, director of the Center. The meeting was attended by scientists from various American universities, professors of law and political science and postgraduate students.
Everyone was interested in our talk, during which we discussed the situation in the country as well as the genesis and plans of our movement. The interest of the participants was so great that we didn’t have enough time to answer all the questions. After the official part we had lunch which resulted in forming closer relations and further explanations.
It was a very fruitful and interesting event. KOD gained the support and promises of cooperation from many influential people, which will benefit us in the future. I hope that one day we’ll return to this remarkable place.

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