Why I am leaving Law and Justice party

Wroclaw, 3.01.2017

In the year 2015, Poland needed a change. The voters gave their support to Law and Justice Party (PiS) in the expectation to see the repair of the state of Poland: fair wealth distribution, respect of the citizens’ rights and a true dialogue with all social groups. Unfortunately, the strategy assumed by the leaders of PiS after the elections makes it impossible to achieve these goals. The potential of the country instead of growing is being devoured by continued needless conflicts. The escalation of these conflicts leads to severe social divisions while the lack of respect for the autonomy of the Constitutional Tribunal results in fragility of law and the decrease in the guarantees of the citizens’ rights. The climate of distrust in the local governments and independent institutions significantly limits the chance for modernisation of Poland.

Decisive majority of the citizens do not want to see the tribal war which diverts the attentions from the most important matters concerning the future of the country. All this is happening when the international challenges require to ease off the internal conflict. In this situation a good government would seek to placate the contention, focus on the security of the citizens and stabilise the position of Poland on the international arena.

I cannot omit to mention the deep crisis of the Polish parliamentary culture. In the previous term, PiS demanded transparency of the work of the parliament and more supervision rights for the opposition. This was the meaning of the ‘Democracy Packet’ which I put forward. Today, the ruling party is repeating th e mistakes of their predecessors thus putting the state institutions under the threat of the most severe crisis since 1989.

Since March 2016, when I proposed a compromise in the matter of the Constitutional Tribunal, I was trying to convince PiS to alter this strategy. Unfortunately, not only did they not correct it in any way, but in the recent weeks it became even more acute. Not being able to be part of such politics, I made a decision to resign as a member of PiS.

In my work as a parliamentary and a member of the government, I have always been guided by responsibility for public affairs. I have never changed my views. I still believe that Poland needs deep reforms and that they have to be carried out with respect for the law and civilised principles.

When I resign from PiS, I will keep political independence. As an EU deputy, I will concentrate on the matters of the European Union reform and security of her citizens. Over the last months, many Poles reinforced my belief in building unity around our national goals. I deeply believe that it is in the vital interest of the Republic of Poland.

Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski

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