KOD in the USA

Dear Sir/Madam!
We are in the United States. Many of you already know that. But what are we doing here? We started on Saturday in New York, where we met Andrew Rasiej – the co-founder and leader of Civic Hall. He’s also an organiser of the Personal Democracy Forum, which also holds conferences in Poland. Andrew is of Polish origin, has got a lot of ideas on creating new social reality and his achievements and experience in social activity are very impressive.
The next meeting we had was with world renowned professors of constitutional law, who examine social movements and the destruction of democracy in many places around the world. The meeting was supposed to last an hour but lasted four. Our interlocutors were very interested in our answers to very detailed and specific questions on how Poland is doing compared to other countries with weak democracy, how to compare KOD to other recent social movements in the world and what are our predictions on Poland’s future and how we intend to react. We heard a lot of valuable advice and made connections that will be valuable in the future.
In the evening we had a meeting in a KOD supporters apartment. It was a friendly atmosphere. Delicious food…
The second day we spent mostly on fighting the jet lag. We tried to combat our fatigue after the journey, after a busy first day and nearly sleepless night, by walking around the cold, humid and windy city. In the evening we met with some KOD supporters again. There was around 40 people. It was held in a private residence again. It also lasted two hours longer than we anticipated.
Today we woke up before five in the morning to catch a plane to Washington. Here we had a few moments to change and we went to meet professor Zbigniew Brzeziński. We had a wonderful conversation, open-hearted and endearing. Professor Brzeziński asked very acute questions, which allowed us to explain the situation in Poland and see things from a fresh perspective. We agreed that conversation and cooperation are the best methods of solving problems. Professor Brzeziński believes that dialogue is possible.
From there we went straight to Freedom House. There we had a meeting with the administration of this extremely important organisation. Again we explained the situation in detail, opportunities and threats. That contact will definitely be developed in the near future. And a meeting with KOD USA. It was local and several dozen people participated, but it was transmitted online and there was the possibility of asking questions via the Internet. The record of this meeting can be found on our fan-page.
Tomorrow we’ll have another very busy day, but that’s enough for today. For now i can only say that it will be very tiring. We sleep for 2-3 hours, we’re running around, meeting people, talking, moving, changing, talking again… But we constantly receive a lot of positive energy, kindness and sympathy.
Thank you!
In the meantime KOD in Poland is doing a wonderful job. March in Wrocław was a great success. Meetings with European politicians are important for international relations. It’s also a chance to take care of Poland’s well-being and protect the citizens from the consequences of the government’s irresponsibility. The intensity of operations is huge, but the matters are very important. So it’s no surprise that there is no time to rest. What’s important is that we can make it together!

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