KOD International Statement

In reference to the article “Onet ujawnia: jak Mateusz Kijowski wystawiał faktury KOD-owi” published by Onet.pl on 4/1/2017, irregardless of the verity of the information contained in the article, KOD International ASBL declares, that the company MKM mentioned in the article was not involved in any of the IT or hosting services linked to the operation of our KOD.NGO official website nor to the operation of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. KOD International infrastructure has been maintained from the beginning on a non-profit basis.

KOD International Team

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I dont believe you


Oszukujecie ludzi


To za co wystawiała faktury firma MKM?


Ale rozumiecie, że KOD International, to nie KOD Polska? 😉


To jakaś prywatna firma, a zbieżność nazw przypadkowa?

Paul Barford

(leaving aside the controversy over your use of the word ‘irregardless’ in your statement), is that not a bit uncharitable? If KOD-international is severed from KOD-Polska, what does it represent, in fact? This is particularly important at a moment when the old principle ‘divide and rule’ seems to be the only one certain actors on the current political scene in Poland seem to know how to employ, what do you see as your function in such a situation?


Not many in Poland know about this Belgian charity that was probably registered before KOD Poland. So the open question is whom they represent and why?