KOD Statement on Ukrainian flag burning incident

His Excellency Mr Wasyl Zwarych
Charge d’Affair at the Embassy of the Republic of Ukraine in Poland

Warsaw, November 11, 2016

Dear Sir,

We wish to convey to you and the whole of the Ukraine Nation, our utmost indignation and condemnation of the act of vandalism committed on the 11 November in Warsaw.

Desecration of the national symbols is in direct contradiction with the Polish tradition. The burning of the Ukraine national flag during the Independence March, organised by the nationalist groups in Poland, is so much more painful and appalling as its object was the symbol of the country particularly close to our hearts.

Independent, strong and democratic Ukraine, the affinity between our countries are the best assurances of sovereignty and security of Poland. Inciting resentment between our nations did in the past and now continues to play into the hands of our adversaries.

We have recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. Poland was the first country to accede this independence. This decision, as well as convergence of common interests between our countries and our nations, has been a veritable testimony of Polish patriotism.

The Board of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy

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