Outside Poland, KOD members and supporters are organized in national groups within the network of “KOD Polonia”.

Foreign KOD groups organize demonstrations and events in parallel with the ones taking place in Poland and undertake other actions supporting KOD’s national activities in accordance with KOD’s Manifesto, including meetings with foreign policy-makers and liaising with local media in their countries, as well as promoting projects in the field of democracy, freedom, the rule of law etc.

KOD Polonia represents and strengthens the image of KOD as well as Poland and the polish civil society abroad. Groups within the KOD Polonia network have diverse forms and structures depending on their scope and size, ranging from single KOD supporters in remote locations, through organised local groups, to autonomous national associations and federations.

KOD Board member Natalia Tarmas is responsible for contacts with KOD supporters in the Polish diaspora (Polonia).

Currently KOD has official branches in the following regions:

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