The Mission of KOD International expands the goals of KOD onto a pan-European scale:

    • To raise citizens’ awareness on the value of the rule of law, human rights and democracy as well as on the importance of their democratic participation;
    • To build civil society and cultivate a sense of community, especially in states troubled by authoritarian and radical tendencies;
    • To promote critical thinking, empowering citizens to make informed political choices;
    • To enhance the appreciation of and identification with European values.

KOD International, being the international branch of KOD, oversees all of KOD’s activities targeted at the international community. KOD International works both in Polish and English (and other languages if needed) and manages all foreign language communications (incl. website, Twitter profile & Facebook page).

KOD International is headquartered in Brussels where it is registered as a not-for-profit non-governmental organization (ASBL) under the name of Committee for the Defence of Democracy (short: Democracy Committee), enterprise registry number 0657.926.947. It is also registered in the EU Transparency Register with identification number 061873322569-09.

As the movement’s international arm KOD International manages KOD’s official relations with European institutions and other international organizations. Thanks to its location it serves as the first point of contact and liaison to other Brussels-based organizations and international media. It represents the Polish civil society in debates, conferences and other events, as well as writes and provides content for international press outlets.

KOD International also maintains an active, constantly growing international community of KOD supporters, consisting mostly of people linked to international organizations and communities abroad, international journalists, experts and professionals, both Poles and foreigners. As of late 2016 the KOD International Facebook group ( has over 1500 Members worldwide, some 40 of whom are actively involved in KOD International’s day-to-day work in several working groups.

Within KOD’s structures KOD International falls under the direct supervision of KOD Board Member Jarek Marciniak. KOD International (and Committee for the Defence of Democracy ASBL) is managed by a Coordinator/Board Member Katarzyna Mortoń, with IT coordination provided by Agata Szybowska (who is also the Coordinator of KOD Belgium).

Katarzyna Mortoń also serves as KOD Board’s Plenipotentiary for International Affairs and Foreign Funding.


If you believe in our cause and value our work (which for some of us is currently a full-time and only occupation) we invite you to support us by making a financial contribution to the following bank account:

Bank name: Record Bank SA
Account holder name: Committee for the Defence of Democracy ASBL (or “Democracy Committee” if not enough space)
Account number (IBAN): BE02 6528 4829 9640
In the transfer title please put “DONATION”.
(We will be also implementing online donation functionality on our website soon)

Thank you!!!