In Poland, KOD is divided into Regions, corresponding to voivodships, each having up to 3 Coordinators. Each region is further divided into local structures.

KOD headquarters also oversee regions outside of Polish borders, corresponding to countries or geographical regions, under the umbrella term of KOD Polonia. These foreign regions gather KOD supporters among Polish citizens abroad. KOD International, which is targeted at Poles in international communities as well as foreigners, also forms a separate Region.

A full list of KOD Regions and their Coordinators is available here (in Polish).

The regional Coordinators, as well as all of KOD’s sections and activities, are overseen by the Board, its Plenipotentiaries and the Revision Committee:

Mateusz Kijowski – President
Radomir Szumełda – Vice-President and National Coordinator; Pomerania Regional Coordinator
Magdalena Filiks – Vice-President; West Pomerania Regional Coordinator
Jarosław Marciniak – Secretary; Action Group; Upper Silesia Regional Coordinator; KOD International Supervisor
Joanna Roqueblave – Membership Affairs
Beata Kolis – Head of the Press Office
Maria Wojciechowska – Structure and Procedures
Piotr Chabora – Treasurer
Krzysztof Król

Revision Committee:
Magdalena Ostrowska – Legal and Organisational Affairs
Elżbieta Pytlarz – Małopolska Regional Coordinator
Paweł Wimmer – Educational Issues

Plenipotentiaries of the Board:
Joanna Radzimowska – Organisation of the Board’s Office
Piotr Wieczorek – Nationwide Action
Magdalena Kijowska – KOD Structures Abroad
Jerzy Pogorzelski – IT
Artur Sierawski – Young KOD
Katarzyna Mortoń – International Affairs and Foreign Funding
Martin Mycielski – International Affairs and Foreign Funding
Hanna Szulczewska – International Affairs