KOD withdrew its civic initiative regarding the draft law on the Constitutional Court.

KOD withdrew its civic initiative regarding the draft law on the Constitutional Court.

Jaroslaw Marciniak, who represented KOD in the Parliament during the work on the draft laws on the Constitutional Court officially withdrew our project from the Sejm. It happened during a parliamentary debate before the third reading of the bill, when it became clear that PiS MPs will support only their project.

“This is what is happening here, it is a semblance of democracy” – said Jaroslaw Marciniak.
What the committee proposes is it’s own project. Citizens have signed a specific project, with specific solutions. It was appreciated by those entities which indicated the blatant unconstitutionality of what the government proposed – said J. Marciniak.

The KOD project fulfilled the recommendations of the Venice Commission and the European Commission. It also fulfilled the recommendations of the constitution. The PiS project is an attack on the Constitutional Court. They do not care about any compromise, they just care about fulfilling their own ideas and no one in front of them will stop them – he added.

“Deputies and members of PiS, are you going to interfere with the competence of Constitutional court Members? You must understand how scary it is, what you’re doing. The law can not talk when you can and when judges are not allowed to organize hearings and rule. Parliament can not usurp this power”, he added.

“I would like to announce that I withdraw the bill. The voice of the people in the law-making process was ignored. The effect of the committee’s work almost entirely coincides with the project filed by the ruling party. They ignored in this way more than 100 thousand citizens” – Jaroslaw Marciniak ended his speech to the Sejm.

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