Mateusz Kijowski

Dear Sir or Madam!
The Committee for the Defense of Democracy was created on Facebook. But the demand to leave Facebook and create the organisation in the real world was very loud and clear from all those, who joined the Facebook group from the start. You also demanded that we go to the streets and make a clear protest.
And so we did. On 2nd of December we established the Association. On the 3rd of December we demonstrated for the first time. And since then we have appeared on the streets more and more,. During this time the Association was registered, which finally happened on the 1st of March. We began preparations for the adoption of a new statute (the substantive work on the statute is coming to an end), we prepared regional structures and the entire electoral process – from the local and regional structures to the national structures. We want the Association to be open for different environments and allow the commitment to the peaceful movement of the defense of democracy to everyone. We also want these regional structures to be autonomous (as separate legal entities with their own bank accounts, etc.)
Now you have to decide whether you want to join the organisation, or stand aside as an observer. Therefore, let’s remember the basis on which KOD was foundedK – Krzysztof Łoziński’s text and our Manifesto. But it is also worth remembering what happened afterwards. We did a lot together. We had a chance to see how we cooperate. We learned what we can do, and what are our expectations. Like in any forming group friendships formed, but also incompatibilities came to light. A lot of different goals, expectations, ideas, aspirations or ambitions. It’s only natural. We also learned on whom we can rely and who we should watch out for.
The Committee for the Defense of Democracy is an organisation. An organisation which is a form of existence of a civil movement. Within last three months this organisation has allowed KOD to establish a strong position within society, as well as in national and international debate. This position was established thanks to our demonstrations, public speeches, statements, media appearances, legislative initiatives and opinions on public matters. And it has happened by involving thousands of people. The demonstrations on 19th of December, 9th and 23rd of January which took place in dozens of Polish cities and abroad proved that we are a very well organised grassroots movement – an efficient organisation.
We are holding a strategic and programme debate. There are meetings, group debates and public debates. After all, when over 20,000 people are involved in the direct actions of the organisation, there is no such thing as private matters. There are also discussions about the organisation. While we carefully listen to opinions and advice about KOD from people, who are not in the organisation, we put more emphasis on the expectations of active members. Because their action and commitment gives them the right to co-decide. We listen to opinions from the outside, but when they lack the will to engage in the process and implementation of ideas, we treat them with caution.
We hope that soon everyone will be able to sign the declarations of membership and co-create KOD in the formal sense. But there is no doubt as to who created KOD from the beginning. Whose hard work, effort and dedication was responsible for our success. Those thousands of people, who know each other, participate in meetings, see each other on the streets, prepare flags, slogans, vests, banners and press releases, who are active in social media, who administrate, print, sing, play, write, edit, draw, distribute, talk, publicise, transport, carry, shout, make phone calls and convince… Those are the most important members of KOD. We hope that together we will create an efficient and effective organisation. For now we operate efficiently and effectively.
Let’s be together!

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