An open letter from Władysław Frasyniuk and Mateusz Kijowski to Andrzej Miszk

We have been anxiously observing your protest and we think it’s coming to a dangerous moment. Doctors say that damage to your organism (including your sight and your nervous system) after 40 days of hunger strike can be irreversible.
Many times we have argued about the method of your protest, but, just like you, we can see that Polish democracy is threatened. Therefore, we implore you to continue the protest by other means.
The reconstruction of democratic institutions in the current climate will be a long process, in which your courage, determination and experience will be needed.
That’s why we are making this plea to you: stop the hunger strike and stop putting your health, and even your life, at risk.
Władysław Frasyniuk Mateusz Kijowski

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