Polish Independence Day with KOD

KOD celebrated the Polish Independence Day with an event held at Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw on 11th November 2017 from noon to 2 p.m.

Jarek Rodzik, the co-organiser said: ‘Without aggression, division, flares or shouts ‘We, You, They’ in a polite and peaceful manner, in great company we talked about Poland, Europe, democracy and future. This is what KOD is all about. A few thousand smiling Poles took part in the celebrations of the Independence Day at Plac Zamkowy. A message from President Komorowski, KOD members and representatives of artistic and civic organisations were shared with the crowds. These were beautiful moments I will remember for a long time.

Apart from the celebrations held by KOD, there were other events including anti-fascist march attended by a few thousand people including RP Citizens, Women’s Strike, Anifa, Solidarity Action and many more.

The biggest demonstration was organised by far-right. Around 60 thousand members marched through the streets of Warsaw carrying banner including fascist slogans.

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