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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank God, providence and my good fortune that I have never had to face the tough choice many women have faced, face and will face. AI holds an International Day of Human Rights Letter Writing Marathon every year on 10th December. Last year I wrote a letter in defence of Teodora from Salvador, who miscarried and was sentenced to 30 years of prison for manslaughter and presumed abortion. When writing the letter I wondered if such letters won’t be written to Poland one day. It had not even been a year…

  • On 23 September 2016 Polish Parliament rejected the bill prepared by the civic movement ‘Save The Women’.
  • At the same time the Parliament decided to focus their efforts on the bill restricting the existing abortion laws, prepared by Ordo Iuris, an organisation that is the face of ‘Stop Abortion’ campaign as well as penned the bill restricting in vitro.

The ruling party is not satisfied with dividing Poles into a ‘better’ and ‘worse sort’. Now they divide us into ‘better sort’, ‘worse sort’ and ‘women’.

This shall not pass. We will not agree to this! No democratically elected government has a right to risk the lives of its citizens nor enforce laws that put their lives and health at risk. And yet….

If the proposed bill becomes law, the Polish abortion law will be stricter than in Iran, Colombia and Pakistan! Draconian abortion laws do not solve the problem of abortions. They will always be performed, just illegally and for a higher price putting women and their health at risk. Countries with the strictest abortion laws have the highest numbers of abortions carried out. Why?





Contrary to the claim made by the supporters of the campaign ‘Stop Abortion’, abortion is not used instead of contraception. Abortion is the last resort and every woman should have access to it and it is her choice, her decision, her conscience!

After the Friday vote, the Episcopate reminded us about their stance regarding abortion. Bishops ‘do not support punishing women, who decided to have an abortion’ because, as they highlight, ‘these issues are solved by the Church during the sacrament of reconciliation, according to the canonical law, and ethical and moral standards’.

This is a massive change! This is the result of the ground-breaking instructions for the clergy issued by the Pope Francis – and for this we are very thankful to him.

Honourable Members of the Parliament, what are you going to tell the orphans? Are you going to fill in for their mothers? Are you going to build orphanages for the children and cemeteries for the women? Are we going to agree to depriving children of their mothers just because she could not or did not want to have another, often disabled, child?

Honourable ladies, honourable gentlemen! Polish society has woken up! The fact that we are here, the fact that we are representing the root civic movement Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) is a living proof! It is not just KOD that has woken up, it is the society as a whole!

But contrary to some claims, we were not asleep: KOD opposes breaking international conventions! Next Wednesday, the European Parliament is going to hold a debate which was prompted by the project of legislation which introduces a total abortion ban and criminal liability for everyone, including the mother, who causes death of a conceived baby.

KOD unites not divides! It unites women and men in the fight for human rights! The bill ‘Stop Abortion’ is not only about women. Even if it does not apply to you directly because you are a man and cannot get pregnant, the stricter laws can affect one of your loved ones!

KOD supports women in the fight against this inhumane law, it helps to organise protests across Poland and speaks up against passing the ‘Stop Abortion’ bill.

A number of women who volunteer for KOD is going to join the National Women’s Strike on 03.10.2016. Our admin staff, fanpage and website editors and event organisers will be on strike.

I can proudly announce that KOD JOINS THE WOMEN’S STRIKE!

On Monday, I am going to play truant with my daughter, we are going to talk about women’s matters.

translated by koduk.org

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wiesław wadowski

who heard this speeche? and where?