Washington DC – day two

Dear Sir/Madam Another day in Washington. We started with the meeting with counsellors and members of senators offices – i.a. McCain’s, Cardin’s, Durbin’s and Shasheen’s from United States Committee on Foreign Relations. This meeting was a result of prior meeting with the closest co-workers of senator Durbin that was held in Warsaw.
After a short lunch break, Department of State. Great meeting with Poland Desk Officer – Amanda Carlson – and Director of Office of Central European Affairs – Aubrey Carlson. We were surprised by their excellent knowledge of Polish affairs. Within last few days I didn’t have much chance to follow Polish media, so I felt a little bit unoriented. But we discussed various unobvious aspects of Polish affairs, possible directions for development, potential chances and dangers.
Next meeting was in Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State – Robert Berschinski – and Dr Jeffrey Zavadil, who closely cooperates with him were especially interested in how recent policies (for example those concerning prosecutor’s office, police, or land trade) will affect citizens and society.
Afterwards Bartek Szewczyk was already awaiting us – member of Strategic Analysis Team from Secretary of the State Bureau John Kerry. This meeting was not planned before, but allowed us to discuss the possible scenarios for Poland and international affairs amidst the dangers for democracy and freedom, which recently are particularly important for Polish citizens, as well as international community.
Today we’re having one more meeting, entirely private. But i have high hopes, because we’ll be talking to people well-oriented in Polish affairs, who can support our analyses and help with polishing our plans and strategies.
Tomorrow we have an early flight to Boston and a meeting in Center for European Studies at Harvard University. He have to be in Chicago in the evening, but I’ll write about that once we get there.

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